четвртак, 17. октобар 2013.

All of me

U pauzi izmedju silnih obaveza uhvatila sam malo vremena da se vidim sa mojim muffinima i da se slikamo. Fakultet, trening, nemacki, ucenje-treba sve to izdrzati! Mada, posle raspusta od 3 meseca, stvarno bi bio red da budem u radnoj atmosferi.
Jos odavno sam smislila ovaj outfit,ali nikako da ga uslikam. Meni se mnogo dopada ova kombinacija omiljnog sesira i mokasina, sa teksas jaknom i bordo pantalonama,a vama? 

 I barely found time to go out with my muffins,and to take some pictures of my outfit, because I have so many things to. I have to go to faculty, German lessons, training, I have to study, and after all to find some time for myself. But, after 3 months of fun, I really have to do something useful. 
I had this outfit on my mind about month ago, but I didn't take picture of it until now. I really like this combination of my favorite hat and loafers, with denim jacket and bordeaux pants, do you like it? 

                                                                pants: ZARA
                                                              shirt: New Look
                                                                  bag: Guess
                                                                 hat: H&M
                                                              loafers: Motivi
                                                              necklace: Brilliance

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  1. Love your blog and your hat!!!
    See you on my blog http://littleblueblood.blogspot.com.es/

  2. Hello dear, great post and lovely blog. :) Do you want to follow each other? Let me know, follow me and I will follow you back! :)

    Have a nice day, your Eliazbeth L. ;)


  3. divan sesir! x


  4. Super kombinacija! Sesir je divan, super ti stoji.

    Novi post na blogu

  5. Prelijep outfit i šešir je moj favorit. Love this so so much.



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